Curriculum Objectives:

Araling Panlipunan/Sibika at Kultura aims to assist students in appreciating Philippine history, the interdependence of nations, the contributions of the Southeast Asian region in civilization. It also aims to endow the students with the spirit of positive nationalism and social responsibility.

Mathematics seeks to develop the students' intellectual capacities through mastery of various mathematical concepts and operations, logical and practical applications of the mathematical language, and development of patterns of reasoning.

Science hopes to help students identify basic scientific concepts. It also aims to teach students to operate a number of laboratory equipment and apply scientific steps in problem solving so they can develop the values of patience, discrimination and appreciate the responsible role of man in preserving and promoting ecological balance for the benefit of the whole mankind.

English (Grammar & Composition/Language, Developmental Reading, and Effective Communications) seeks to develop the students' competence in communication skills appropriate to the standards demanded of a literate and productive Filipino. It also seeks to develop in the students an appreciation of arts and literature in general.

Filipino endeavors to develop the students' mastery of skills of communication in Filipino and provided opportunities for the appreciation of Filipino ideals, aspirations, and hopes as contained in remarkable Filipino literature.

Home Economics (Home Technology & Related Crafts, Culinary Arts, Practical Arts, Basic Electricity, Bookkeeping and Introduction to Management) proposes to developed students' skills along the dimensions of home arts, handicraft, basic engineering drawing, bookkeeping, basic electricity and other courses appropriate to their milieu, to introduce them to different career options after school and to prepare them for their role as skillful ad economically productive Filipinos.

PEHM/MAPE seeks to develop the students' coordination and skills in different fields of sports, instill in them the value of discipline, physical fitness and sportsmanship, assist them in identifying their particular athletic potentials in group and individual sports for leisure as well as for competition and develop aesthetic appreciation of music.

Computer aims to help students understand how computers work and to teach them how to operate, use, and program computers to do useful things. Moreover, it seeks to make students experts in the use of standard school and office software, in order to prepare them for college or for employment after high school.

Values Education/GMRC aims to take the students through valuing experiences toward self-discovery and self-realization. It also seeks to instill in the students a sense of responsibility and commitment towards themselves and the people around them.


Committed to excellence, Asian Computer College, together with home and community, cultivates each student's full potential through challenging, innovative educational programs in a safe and nurturing environment. It seeks to provide students the opportunity to become responsible citizens and independent, lifelong learners by focusing instructions on reading, writing, critical thinking and information technology.